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Thursday, 12 April 2012

UPDATE! BeautyBubblz.



Hey Bubblzmembers! We are creating and updating this blog for a new version of BeautyBubblz which will be done soon we are all also excited about this upcoming event! We might put up some videos soon :D We haven't went to our blog for a long time :p since we were doing projects and planning to develop this blog for months. We have now come back to post some beauty tips , advice and secrets which most people might not know.


Everyone wants to be pretty like a Goddess so that is why we created this blog to let beauty and creativity come together but sometimes we want to do it like other models but it's hard and complicated to get it perfect ! :p Having nice skin can be hard, lots of people go on the internet just to find fake tips which they don't know but it's hard to find real beauty tips on other websites! There is lots of spam and people selling secrets about beauty and makeup but this blog do it for FREE! (makeup tips)

The Secret of making your skin clear and clean! COMBINATION!

Have you ever wanted clear skin? YES
The secret is Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize!
So I cleanse first by a cleansing milk any cleansing milk will do! ^_^ Then I use clearisil to get rid of spots and to maintain clear skin , lastly but not least I use St.Ives apricot blemish scrub. VOILA Nice clean and clear complexion.
Tone , have you ever had different skin colour/color which is pigmentation for e.g. your forehead is darker than your cheeks O.O OH no but having nice skin is to also have even skin tone. I use NANO white toner but you use any brand of you choice as long it's a toner AGAIN VOILA :D nice skin.
Finally , Moisturize that is the most important thing to keep your skin clean, healthy , a nice glow for the whole day especially when you are at work or school or actually at a holiday etc! ^_^ I usually use Nivea Aloe vera lotion small but effective and good for sensitive skin! (Any brand will do ) . 
HOPE I HELPED YOU OH BTW DO THIS ROUTINE (SECRET which i am sharing with you all) 2-3 times a DAY! good luck. ^_^ BeautyBubblz x

Sunday, 4 September 2011

ACNE FREE! SPOTS FREE! still the same ^_^

Well BeautyBubblz has researched that many people are suffering from ACNE! egghhh...evil acne just leave the faces alone lol just joking.

here are some ways how to get rid of them FAST!
Microdermabrasion is brilliant can get rid of it in one go :D or more! giving you nice clearer skin.
Clearisil products! BeautyBubblz have tried this!
St Ives.Olive scrub or Blemish scrub both is great.
Tumeric is a natural remedy for acne or you could use lemon etc!


want to know more...just comment if you need more tips!

Eyeliner tricker! ;)

Hey have you had difficulty putting eyeliner well here it is! BeautyBubblz are here to show you the way on how to put Eyeliner without smudging or getting it MESSY! ughh..hate messy!

This will only take about 2 to 7 mins as usual :D Yay easy peasy!
to do this you will need a paper card or a card , pencil...whatever LOL :D
get 2 piece of tissue now get the card and lift only a bit away from the eye waterline and abit of the eyelid (the eyelid is where we are going to put the eyeliner ^_^
Next,draw it on the card estimate it on the tissue by drawing on the tissue, cut out the tissue NOW WET IT! but not too wet or the tissue will be teared apart.
Put the wet tissue abit away from the eyelid and eye waterline now put the 2nd dry tissue on top of the wet tissue if you want to extend your eyeliner put somemore tissue! ;D now apply you eyeliner.
Take off the tissue.
VOILA! ^_^ Isn't that easy .

How to put mascara on without smudging!

Hey this is BeautyBubblz here!
I'm going to show you the way on how to apply mascara without smudging or getting it messy all over your eye lids! ^_^ Inspired by Michelle Phan.

Well here it goes on your right you can see this is a Pink
beauty business card you can use it! ^_^ well if you have any type of card or paper card etc. use it ! cuz it's saves the enviroment and it's recyclable! ^_^

To do this will only take 2 to 5 mins ;D YAY

Put the card on top of the eye lids and pull the lashes now apply the MASCARA!
You can do the same to the bottom lashes!
 VOILA! ;D isn't that easy well you should try this easy mascara smudgeproof card! ^_^


The secret to shiny soft silky HAIR! ^_^

This is an exclusive secret !
Well to have soft silky hair you will need:- VO5 hot oil or olive oil , towel , shampoo/conditioner (if wish to use after) and finally ASDA styling serum (conditioning) or you can use any type of other brand as long as it's serum.

BeautyBubblz found out that people feel sad about their hair because it is damaged,dry,dull,not shiny etc!
Well BeautyBubblz are here to show you the secret to having shiny soft silky HAIR ! ^_^ It's easy it will take about  45 mins all together to give you the perfect results!

1.Damp the Hair.
2.Apply VO5 hot oil or olive oil evenly all over your hair.
3.Wrap towel over the hair and wait for 1 mins or to get better results do about 5 mins ^_^
4.Once you have waited, rinse off.
5.Put shampoo rinse then conditioner (if wish).
6.Then rinse.
7.Pat dry hair just leave the hair a bit wet .
8.Apply ASDA styling serum all over the hair (about 3 drops if really dry hair 7 drops!).
9.You can leave it to dry or style it as usual.

VOILA! ^_^ That is the secret.